Emma is a multimodal artist, art director, and curator from Portland, ME. She began publishing her work when she was in high school, releasing short poetry books, EPs, an album, and many singles. Heavily influenced by the Maine ocean and loved ones, Emma's art and social media are platforms to talk about self-care, being a woman, and being grateful to be alive.  
Emma grew up playing music from age 11 into high school as lead singer of pop-rock band, Yard Sail (which happened to be all-female). She then branched off, writing a solo EP and collaborating with other local Portland musicians such as Owen Ardell and Ben Thompson. Her music and collaborations can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube, and more. Emma performs around her hometown in Portland, and temporary homes of Chicago and New York City. In February 2020, she released a full debut album, APHID, on all major streaming platforms. 
Emma is a creative entrepreneur. Her Etsy, emmaivyco, is now selling handmade and handmade clay earrings. Her work involves intricate paint detail and a primary theme of the divine feminine
You can find her work as a curator on her personal instagram @emmaivy1, and her femme artist curated page @bitchinartists.